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Dragontalia AU - The Dragon Species
(This is MY interpretation of how some characters from Hetalia may look as dragons, and how their specific species differentiate from each other based off of their respective regions. If you believe they should look different, then that's okay! I'm just putting this up as my version of this small AU~ ^ ^)
Height: 15 - 18 ft
Behavior: Friendly
The North American Fire Drake is one of the more common dragons to find on this continent, and typically make their homes within the deserts or high above in caves of mountains. In times before the land was so vastly populated, the Fire Drake quite commonly would hoard gold and various minerals in their abodes, so that their hatchlings could consume it and harden their scales faster. Though their scales naturally harden over time, the minerals quicken the pace, heightening the chances of the hatchling's survival in the wild.
The Fire Drake is a very social creat
:iconask-dragon-russia:Ask-Dragon-Russia 16 18
Zexion  by ask-okami-2p-prussia Zexion :iconask-okami-2p-prussia:ask-okami-2p-prussia 13 0 Zexion Keychain by TouchMySitar Zexion Keychain :icontouchmysitar:TouchMySitar 34 19 heartless by ask-wolf-saix heartless :iconask-wolf-saix:ask-wolf-saix 14 12 HALLOWEEN! by AskLithuaniaPony HALLOWEEN! :iconasklithuaniapony:AskLithuaniaPony 25 6 I drew Zexion in okami form! by Elisabeth-uchiha I drew Zexion in okami form! :iconelisabeth-uchiha:Elisabeth-uchiha 3 1


Would anyone like to do an art trade with me...? since I'm not in school at this point I have lots of free time..

I'll open 3 slots for now since I don't think that many will want it but if you want one and the slots are filled I'll make an exception.




and it doesn't have to be just Kingdom Hearts. I can also do Hetalia and Kuroko no Basket(If anyone wants something done from that series anyways.. >.>)


AskOokamiZexion's Profile Picture
(( *in brackets is Admin talking* )) *outside the brackets is what Zexion or Ienzo are doing*


Hello.. I'm Zexion and I'm the sixth member of Organization Thirteen.. Though I'm the wolf version of my human self I still use the Lexicon.. I hope to find others from the organization soon... I'm also known as the 'Cloaked Schemer'.


Name: Zexion
species: Wolf
Gender: Male
Mate:.........Why would I have one.....everyone left me alone so no.....
Weapon: Zexion's Lexicon by XxShiroiXKuuroxX
Occupation: VI of the organization
Hi there. I'm Ienzo and I'm a resident of Radiant Garden.. Even and Ansem the wise are my care takers and I like to share Seasalt Icecream with Ansem alot... He's like a father to me in a way.


Name: Ienzo
Species: Wolf
Gender: Male
Mate: None yet.
Weapon: None
Occupation: Scientist

I have a fan..if you hurt him I will hurt you just as badly!: :iconask-okami-2p-prussia:

Organization members:
VI: :iconaskookamizexion:
VII: :iconask-okamisaix: :iconask-wolf-saix:
VIII: :iconaskokamiaxel:
IX: :iconaskokamidemyx:
X: :iconaskokamiluxord:
XI: :iconaskokamimarluxia:
XII: :iconaskokamilarxene:
XIII: :iconaskookamiroxas:

Sora: :iconaskookamisora:
Riku: :iconask-okami-riku:

Admin: :iconhetaliarper4life:

Other accounts: :iconask-ookami-italy: :iconask-mienshao-china: :iconnekochina: :iconaskspainookami: :iconaskhetahazarditaly: :iconask-china-fox: :iconaskookamisora: :iconask-2p-itabby:

AkuZeku stamp by BabiSasuke It isn't Literature Reduex by Polar-Dragon Zexion Stamp by ReikoChan Zexion glomping stamp by Neji-x-Hyuuga :thumb131151097: Gorgeous and Deadly Stamp by Rikaimojax :thumb286587900: I support Organization XIII by Tifa22 Heart Zexion stamp by Neji-x-Hyuuga Dexion--Zemyx Stamp by Queen-of-Pokehearts Zexion Stamp by Niji-iro Demyx Stamp by Niji-iro :thumb212604970: :thumb212612447: :thumb212600976: Nobody Stamp by britstix Zemyx: my drug by catcrazygirl Organisation XIII Stamp by Morrygan Axel Stamp by Niji-iro Zexion- Not An Emo by Cobalt-Ace
Winter Zemyx Love by TouchMySitar Demyx isn't by Anniexo Nobody Stamp by Malarkai Zexion VI Organization XIII by r0ckmom I Support Kingdom Hearts Yaoi by KnoxOneBack What's with the face?  Stamp by ladychimera Zexion says by omg-Ukilled-kenny :thumb348565195:

Claim A Part Of Me...


Eyes: :iconaskokamidemyx:

Mouth: :iconaskookamiaxel:










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